29 September 2007
Graham Crackers Comics...
I've had a lot of people email me enquiring about the availability of cereal:geek issue two...

Graham Crackers Comics sold all their copies in just two days! :)

They WILL be restocking in the next few days. When they do I'll send out an email to all those on the mailing list, and more than likely update this Blog, too. Alternatively you can go to their website and add both issues to your want list...



And you can sign up for the mailing list HERE! :)
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23 September 2007
Issue two OUT NOW! :)
Yes, as unbelievable as this may sound issue two of cereal:geek is actually available to purchase - Go to the website and read all about it! :)


...and now, back to working on issue three! :)
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03 September 2007
Issue two AND issue three?! :)
NEXT WEEK! Issue two will be available to purchase NEXT WEEK! :) - As you can probably tell, production on issue two of cereal:geek has been a little crazy, but it's being printed as I type this, so twenty-something boxes of the magazine should appear on my doorstep next week...

But here's some news that may surprise some of you; I've started work on issue THREE of cereal:geek! :) - As crazy as it sounds I plan on finishing issue three before the end of October - Is it possible to turn a magazine around in two months? - We shall see...

...and yes, once issue three is printed I will probably be financially broke - But it's been a LOT of fun making this magazine! :)
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