17 July 2007
It begins! :)
FINALLY I set some time aside to create a Blog dedicated to cereal:geek - My plan is that this Blog will showcase the progress of each issue as it develops; showing the initial ideas, sketches, everything you should expect to see in the final publication, as well as informing you all what is happening in the world of cereal:geek, and which artists are on board, etc.

Just to let you all know that issue one of cereal:geek is still available to purchase either from the official website OR from Graham Crackers Comics, which I strongly recommend if you are a customer from outside of the UK! :)

posted by James Eatock @ 3:09 pm  
  • At 17 July 2007 at 21:45, Blogger brakdown said…

    Awesome idea James! Great way to keep -cereal:geek- organic and accessible!


  • At 12 August 2007 at 19:30, Anonymous Kevin Martinell said…

    Best wishes, James! I know this Blog will be every bit as successful as your "He-Man & She-Ra" Blog. :)

    A rather wild yet beautiful image of She-Ra, featured here!

    Love the beautiful black and white illustration of She-Ra holding the magazine at the top of the page, as well ... Very pretty. :)

    Once again, all the best to you, Busta, with keeping the Blogs running, the DVD work, and everything else going on in your life! God Bless...

    ~KevyGuy :)
    * * * * * * *

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