25 July 2007
Teaser images...
Here is the back cover to the second issue of cereal:geek - Enjoy all these teaser images, and for fun see if you can name some of the characters that appear...

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18 July 2007
Evil-Lyn versus Optimus Prime! :)
Here is the cover to issue two of cereal:geek unveiled for the first time on the Internet! :)

Emiliano Santalucia illustrated Evil-Lyn, Makoto Ono illustrated Optimus Prime, Wen-Xi Chen painted the piece, and Nathan Baertsch worked his usual magic and reworked some of the elements - FOUR artists create one cover - I hope you all like it! :)

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17 July 2007
Issue two?
There are probably many of you thinking, "Where is issue two?"

The original plan was for the magazine to be released in the second quarter of this year (April to June), but due to some additional articles and illustrations I requested I've had to push the release date back - The NEW plan is that issue two will be on sale within the next three or so weeks - Now that I have this Blog up and running I can keep you all posted! :)

And just for your enjoyment I will reveal the cover to issue two HERE tomorrow - A cover that FOUR artists contributed to no less...
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It begins! :)
FINALLY I set some time aside to create a Blog dedicated to cereal:geek - My plan is that this Blog will showcase the progress of each issue as it develops; showing the initial ideas, sketches, everything you should expect to see in the final publication, as well as informing you all what is happening in the world of cereal:geek, and which artists are on board, etc.

Just to let you all know that issue one of cereal:geek is still available to purchase either from the official website OR from Graham Crackers Comics, which I strongly recommend if you are a customer from outside of the UK! :)

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