01 November 2009
What happened to the Blog?! :)
Sadly, I haven't updated this Blog as much as I would have liked to. Since I last posted news on here issues FOUR and FIVE of cereal:geek have been published; so the magazine is still going strong.

With Twitter, Facebook, and the cereal:geek mailing list becoming regular places to distribute information, this Blog has become somewhat defunct. So unsurprisingly I doubt I will ever post here again.
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17 July 2008
cereal:geek at the London Film & Comic Con! :)
This weekend (Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th) is the London Film & Comic Con at Earl's Court 2 and cereal:geek magazine will have a table at the event! :)

Representing all that is eighties we will (of course) be selling issues one, two and three of cereal:geek, and there will be quite a few preview pages from issue FOUR on display (the issue I currently cannot afford to publish). I will also be selling a chunk of my He-Man and She-Ra animation art collection, and a small collection of comic books relating to some animated series of the eighties. And if you're really nice to me I may even draw you a picture...granted it will be a bad picture, but it'll be a picture nonetheless! :)

See you there! :)
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16 June 2008
who ya gonna call?
As I sit here and type, this issue FOUR of cereal:geek is complete and will soon be on its way to the printers - Here is the cover for your enjoyment, illustrated to perfection by Dan Schoening! :)

The magazine will go on sale in early JULY - Be ready because issue four is the HORROR issue...don't say I didn't warn you...

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27 April 2008
Issue FOUR - Preview! :)
And here's a little preview of what you can expect in cereal:geek's issue four! :)

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28 February 2008
cereal:geek issue THREE - OUT NOW! :)
Okay, so it took a little longer than expected, but issue THREE of cereal:geek has finally arrived! :) - And below you can see what the center pages look like thanks to the talents of writer Jon Talpur, artist Leanne Hannah and colorist Andrew Cramer! :)

UK customers - Visit the cereal:geek website and purchase THE magazine dedicated to animation from the eighties! :)

OVERSEAS customers - Please purchase the magazine from Graham Crackers Comics here: cereal:geek ISSUE THREE

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23 February 2008
NEXT week! :)
As unbelievable as this may sound cereal:geek will go on sale next week - I expected it back from the printers last week, but I've bee assured that I should receive the many boxes of magazines on Monday - As soon as I do I'll let you know...
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27 January 2008
We're going to the printers...
Just to let you all know that issue three of cereal:geek will be going to the printers in the next few days - Yes, it's nearly ready for human consumption...:)
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22 January 2008
cerealgeek.com updated! :)
Okay, issue three isn't yet available to purchase, but I've gone ahead and updated the cereal:geek website with SEVEN preview pages for you all to see! :)

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21 January 2008
Issue three covered...
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the cover to issue three of cereal:geek! :)

Expertly illustrated by Pedro Figue, I wanted to keep the cover simple, yet striking, AND more importantly different from the previous two covers - This issue's theme discusses how certain shows evolved over the course of a series, so I thought it would be appropriate to have the "evolved" Ninja Turtles amongst the humans - And yes, it's slightly self-indulgent, as the people on the cover are people I know...

I hope you all like it! :)

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11 January 2008
Issue three images...
Here is the back cover to the third issue of cereal:geek - Enjoy all these teaser images, and for fun see if you can name some of the characters that appear...

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